Accelerated Installation
Our one-step installation is performed by a highly skilled crew which does the same amount of work in far less time than conventional methods that require three trenching crews and extensive remedial work.

Fewer man-hours on-site, for safer lower-cost projects, faster time to market and quicker payout. In one pass, SpiderPlow™ cuts a channel, safely lays the pipe and backfills.The speedy SpiderPlow™ is up to 75-percent faster than conventional methods and saves up to 30-percent on overall costs depending on the nature of the job.

Zero damage Low impact
Greatly reduced impact on communities, crops, forests and open-space. SpiderPlow™ requires just a 25 ft right-of-way to safely lay up to 6.2 miles (10 km) per day within a narrow corridor with only minimal impact on soils, vegetation and animals. There is zero damage involved because there is zero tensile stress or load applied to the pipe or cable being run.

Cuts clay, caliche, cobblestone
Easily cuts caliche, clay, permafrost, gravels up to cobblestone size and crosses marshland and river beds with minimal disturbance to stream beds, flora and fauna. SpiderPlow™ eliminates the need for topsoil stripping.

Adapts to terrain
Flexible design allows the plow to adapt to the terrain and respect the environment. Articulated spider-like legs for each wheel operate independently to easily handle side slopes, undulating terrain, ravines and fractured rock; the plow "steps" over cultural features and avoids crops and other assets. The SpiderPlow™ rubber tires and the Winch Crawler rubber tracks are easy on soils and pavement.

Compact and Green
The SpiderPlow™ plowing method is a small-footprint, minimal-impact operation that respects the environment, enhances your bottom line, gets in and out fast and builds a pipeline you can depend upon for years to come.

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