Oil & Gas (O&G), Coal-Steam-Gas (CSG), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

With highly experienced specialists, our in-house plow and winch operators have installed thousands of kilometers / miles of oil and gas pipeline through some of the harshest terrain and climates imaginable, making SpiderPlow™ Inc, North America’s leading contractor in pipeline plowing. As a result, we promote plowing as a superior alternative to conventional trenching pipelining due to major safety, scheduling, resourcing and environmental benefits:

  • Various size pipe lines can be laid simultaneously

  • Install HDPE flexible pipe up to 24” (630 mm) or twin 16” (315 mm) pipes with 8” of separation to max. cover depth of 6’

  • Install Flexpipe, FlexSteel up to 8” in various configurations with separation to a max cover depth of 8’

  • Install steel pipe up to 6” in diameter with a cover depth of up to 5’

  • Pull-in steel pipelines up to 16” diameter

  • Minimized wet weather days

  • Reduced manpower and equipment fleet sizes

  • Reduces right-of-way width by 50%

  • Eliminates most directional drilling through wetlands, streams and swamps