Four industry experts founded SpiderPlow™ Inc. and established an operational headquarters in Denver, Colorado. SpiderPlow Inc. uses the newest model machines, operated by in-house crews, on small to large pipe and cable projects ranging from a few miles to more than 2000 miles.

Invented by Walter Foeckersperger in 1956 and manufactured by Walter Foeckersperger in Bavaria, Germany, ever since, the SpiderPlow™ (originally the Cable Plow), was utilized throughout Europe, starting in the early-1960s. Foeckersperger continues to design and build SpiderPlows, with improved models designed to satisfy global demand regularly shipped around the world.

The FSP-17 models of the SpiderPlow™ were introduced into Australia in 1995 by Gunther Sperber, a German national who founded Twintech, the forerunner of SpiderPlow™, and has continued to collaborated with Foeckersperger on plow design and improvements since the mid-1980s. Sperber's contributions include custom chute (pipe and cable feeder) designs for specific pipe types and sizes that ensure zero damage to the pipe or cable regardless its composition.

Sperber also designed the first winch-crawler vehicle and created zero-tension devices for fiber-optic applications.

The first cables laid by SpiderPlow™ in Australia were fiber-optic and power lines, but the technology was soon adopted by the oil and gas industry. SpiderPlow™ laid its first High-Density Polyethylene pipe (HDPE) in 1996, a 35-mile, 8-inch gas line in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Subsequently , the SpiderPlow™ has installed thousands of miles of pipeline primarily for the oil-and-gas and telecommunications industries.

From Australia SpiderPlow™ expanded around the globe, initially to the US, Canada, India, and the Philippines, followed by Britain, Nigeria and most recently South Africa.

SpiderPlow™ was introduced in North America in 1996 and became an instant success building fiber-optic networks for Quest; MFS, Williams Communication, Level 3 and AT&T. The machine also successfully ran pipe for Flint Energy (now URS Flint) in Jasper National Park, Alberta, an environmentally sensitive area. It installed 12-inch HDPE pipe under the Sheep River in Turner Valley, Alberta, with only minimal disruption of a very fragile habitat.

Renowned throughout the Canadian oil and gas industry for its speed and safety, SpiderPlow™ Inc laid hundreds of pipelines on projects frequently featured in Oil & Gas Magazine. Meanwhile, Foeckersperger continues to register patents and garner numerous awards for innovation and quality.

SpiderPlow™ Inc’s current end-user clients in the US include Level 3, Quest (now Century Link), Marathon, EnCana, WPX (Williams), AT&T, Anadarko, Targa, Outrigger Energy, Continental Resources, AE2S, Peter Kiewit, EOG, Devon, XTO, Summit Energy, Bechtel, ONEOK and Apache.