Pipe and cable plowing Installation for over 60 Years using the latest model
SpiderPlow™ FSP 280

The SpiderPlow™ Edge
Plowing down to a Depth of 8 Feet, Spiderplow™ Inc. installs pipes up to 24" in diameter in a single pass methodology by slicing the ground and simultaneously placing the pipe into the created void at the bottom in a smooth, safe and environmentally friendly operation in almost any type of terrain and at an unprecedented speed!

Spiderplow™ Inc. serves Industries such as Oil & Gas, Water, Mining, Telecommunication, Rail, Electricity and Windfarms throughout the United States of America.

Fast, Safe and Green
SpiderPlow's simple, clean and fast installation causes zero damage to pipe and cable and requires a narrower right-of-way with only minimal disruption to fields, forest, cultural features, animals, crops and the substrate.
SpiderPlow™ preserves the environment and enhances your bottom line. A single pass trenches, lays pipe or cable and backfills within one-third less right-of-way and up to one-third less time than conventional processes.

Zero Damage
The pipe feeder and laying chute is custom designed to fit your pipe or cable with zero damage to installed materials regardless of size or composition. Proven safe and effective during thousands of pipe and cable installations, including projects in some of the harshest terrains and climates in the world.

Flexible Plow Tames the Terrain
Four rubber wheels running on separate articulated legs conform “spider-like” to the terrain regardless of slope or roughness with minimal disruption of the surface. Likewise, the rubber tracks of the winch crawler pulling the plow leave only a minimal trace. SpiderPlow™ adapts to existing conditions for a "truly green" installation experience that respects the environment.

Complete Low-cost Installation
SpiderPlow™, the fastest, greenest, most cost-effective pipe laying system available, includes pre-project planning that saves time and money by resolving challenges before they become problems and an iron-clad guarantee. Speed and safety rarely co-exist, but SpiderPlow™ unites them in one, simple, fast, low-cost operation that preserves the environment and will enhance your standing with the community.