Green all-terrain capability
SpiderPlow™, the fastest, safest and most efficient pipe laying system ever developed, requires minimal man-power, 50%-narrower right-of-way, leaves no lasting environmental impact and zero damage to pipes or cables; it maintains 100% effectiveness in wetlands, undulating or sloped terrain, regardless of the season or weather.

BLM and ACE Preferred
SpiderPlow™ is preferred by both the BLM and Army Corps of Engineers for running pipe; a significant consideration especially in the western US oil-and-gas regions, where most land is federally owned and native grasses common.

SpiderPlow™ specialist crews
SpiderPlow™ Inc boasts in-house crews trained by industry experts with decades of experience in SpiderPlow™ methodology. Our late-model plows easily lay a wide range of pipe types and diameters either singly or in multiple configurations.

Adapts to pipe size and material
Installation capabilities include:
HDPE SDR 9 pipe size up to 24" (630 mm) or twin 16" (315 mm) with 8" separation; cover depth of 6'.

Flexpipe, FlexSteel and Fiberspar up to 8"; connectors to a cover depth of 7'.

Steel pipe up to 6", .288 wall, with 5' cover.

SpiderPlow™ can pull-in steel up to 10" with 8' of cover.

Capability to custom design feeder chutes that fit your particular pipe.

One-step to market
The speedy SpiderPlow™ lays up to 6.2 miles (10 km) a day, reducing many conventional steps to one operation that cuts a safe passageway just wide enough to contain the pipe, and is largely self healing. SpiderPlow™ simplicity cuts costs and helps speed your product to market.

BLM Preferred
United States Bureau of Indian Affairs
Addendum to Environmental Assessment; Dora Smith #5-8H Right-of-Way ;
Ft Berthoud Indian Reservation (2012) :

Pipeline System Design
"Underground electrical and fiber optic utilities are planned to be installed at the time of pipeline installation. If utilities are not able to be installed at that time they may be installed at a later date by utilizing the SpiderPlow™ method.

"The SpiderPlow™ has very minimal impact to the ground surface and will be within the previously disturbed surface."

Pipeline Construction Procedures
"Electrical and fiber optic utilities will be installed at the same time or at a later date by utilizing the SpiderPlow™ method."