We have worked in every state and province in North America and have hundreds of global clients.


E.ON Bayern, Germany

E.ON Bayern and its subsidiaries have used the (SpiderPlow™) plowing process for more than 20 years because of the cost savings and our positive experiences with the equipment.

MUAG, Germany

We used the SpiderPlow™ system to lay our first gas-pipe in 1988 with positive results in every respect. Laying pipe using this method is far more economical than running overhead or underground lines or using trench-hoe methods.


We are very pleased with the performance of the SpiderPlow™ on the 1500 km New York Thruway project. It has been extremely effective on the exceptionally rocky slopes and in the wetlands that we encountered along the Authority right-of-way.

The SpiderPlow™ helped us to complete the project on schedule. We recommended the SpiderPlow™ for use on several other MFSNT projects across the country.

UWP Consulting, South Africa

UWP Consulting used the SpiderPlow™ to install 120 km of duct lines for FibreCo Telecommunications between the Klip River and Kroonstad, South Africa.

SpiderPlow™ achieved a high-quality installation and duct integrity was not compromised, as proven by duct-integrity tests followed by problem-free cable installation.

The small SpiderPlow™ footprint had little effect on the environment and remediation was quick and economical. Under the correct geotechnical conditions, the SpiderPlow™ is one of the quickest and most efficient methods of duct installation.