Gunther Sperber: VP & Chief Operations Officer

Gunther was born in Germany and grew up not far from Walter Foeckersperger’s factory in Bavaria. Gunther’s first association with the cable plow manufacturer was that of a logistics partner.

In the early 1990’s Gunther emigrated to Western Australia and quickly identified the potential for Foeckersperger’s ‘Kabelpflug’ Downunder. In short order, after plowing 35 km of 8” HDPE pipe in Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, he established a very successful plowing service company.

In order to build on his success in Australia Gunther partnered with an investor to develop markets overseas - particularly in the USA (where at the height of the dot.com boom there were 16 plows operating), but with operations also in India, the Philippines, Canada, the UK and various countries in Africa.

With his extensive managerial and operational experience of the plow, which included laying 30,000 miles of telecommunications ducts (up to 48 simultaneously) throughout the US, Gunther was in a unique position to contribute to the evolution of the plow. Examples of his design input include a Fiber Optic Cable Zero Tension device and the S-Type Cable and Pipe feeding chute which gave the plow the capability to handle larger sizes of pipe. As a result of this collaboration Gunther developed a close relationship with machine’s inventors Walter Foeckersperger, both senior and junior, and together they coined the name “Spiderplow”.

As a consequence of his many World Firsts, Gunther is known throughout the industry as “Mr Spiderplow”.


Andrew Curtis: CFO



Gabriela Parker: VP Finance

Gabriela Parker joined SpiderPlow International as office administrator and executive assistant after completing her international business degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder. A native of Vienna, Austria, she currently manages SpiderPlow Inc’s operational headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

"After earning my degree, I worked briefly for a global ocean carrier," said Gabriela, but when I learned that the Denver office of SpiderPlow™ International needed a manager fluent in German and with a degree in international business, I applied at once. I was a good fit for the job description and I communicated well with the German engineers at Foeckersperger responsible for developing the next generation of the SpiderPlow™."

Gabriela has been affiliated with SpiderPlow™ for more than 10 years, beginning with a short stint in SpiderPlow Canada's, Calgary headquarters. In Denver, she is responsible for human resources, marketing, payroll and accounting. She facilitates administrative and client communications.