Versatile and Safe

Winch Crawler FWF 92

All-terrain capable including even saturated swamps thanks to the FWF 92's large rubber-padded tracks, 27.5- inch (700 mm) clearance, which protects soils, roads and trails. Specially designed winch pulls up to 180-ton loads smoothly and continuously in multiple directions.

Winch Truck FWF 80

For horizontal drill-pipe recovery, pipe rehabilitation projects, duct installation, and laying cable nothing beats the FWF 92, a highly specialized work-horse featuring the Schwenkmatic winch that applies a constant winching force and feed angle to protect cables and ensure a speedy, problem-free installation.

Excellent off-road performance is achieved by an all-wheel drive train, high clearance, perfect balance featuring a low center of gravity, and a superbly engineered winch and superstructure that pulls up to 180 tons continuously regardless of the terrain.

The patented "Schwenkmatic" winch design
(oscillating winch design)

  • Single layer winching
  • Protective wear strips on frame.
  • The cable does not cross over or interfere during operation.
  • Cable feeding angle remains at a constant 0º due to self aligning geometry.
  • Minimum wear rate on winch cable.
  • Consistent winching force over complete cable length using single layer winch drum.

The Cable Winch can produce up to 180 tons pulling load (dual cable winch)

  • Winching of cable-laying plows
  • Traction support of crawler plows
  • Installation of underground ducting
  • Traction work for pipe rehabilitation
  • Traction support, recovery and removal of drilling pipes in the horizontal drilling procedure
  • Recovery and cable winch work of any type on almost any type of terrain